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Journey to your new home

Buying your first home? This is an exciting time for you! Your Lending Room Mortgage Adviser, will guide you every step of the way, whether it be understanding your goals, managing documentation or helping you to decide on the best loan structure. Are you ready to start your journey? Then you have come to the right place.

Let us take you through your first home journey

Lending Room are your finance experts, navigating government subsidies and grants, such as:

Home Start Grants

First Home Loans

First Home Partner

Tenant Home Ownership


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An introductory guide to buying your first house.

Buying property as an investment?

Bring your property portfolio dream to life! Your Mortgage Adviser knows what they’re talking about – mortgage finance is their game! Don’t keep driving past your next financial investment, let us do the research and provide you with the best advice, and get you fast easy approval so you can start earning money on your investment.

Bring your property investment dream to life!

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Need to refinance your home? We’ll bring it to life!

Lending Room’s team understand the ins-and-outs of refinancing. Essentially, refinancing is when you transfer your home loan from one bank to another.

5 reasons to refinance your home

  1. Your Financial circumstances have changed: Your salary has increased, or you want to purchase a home as an investment.
  2. You want to repay your home loan faster.
  3. You want better interest rates.
  4. You want to make debt repayments simpler – debt consolidation.
  5. You want to upgrade your home – Refinance your home loan to release some equity, to complete home renovations.

Lending Room will guide you through each step when refinancing your home loan. Whatever your goals are, we will make securing finance for your New Zealand home simple.

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