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Drive the dream - A car loan for Kiwis

Car Loan

You have more vehicle finance options available to you with a secured vehicle loan through the Lending Room. Your lending specialist will keep things simple, so you can drive the dream. In most cases, we can assist you with 100% finance. Sometimes a deposit is required, for example; if you are on a work visa, then you will need to pay a 10% deposit.


Looking for a new car, boat or motorbike?

Get pre-approval for your loan online. A pre-approval allows you to take advantage of any special deals you find on your search and allows you to stick to your budget and know your maximum bidding price when you are buying your next dream car, boat or motorbike. Lending Room is here to assist you with all of your vehicle finance needs.

Motorbike Loan

So you have noticed this sweet ride on the showroom floor, and you just have to have it! Lending Room’s specialists can make it happen. Say hello to getting through traffic easy, driving along the open road and new adventures. We will get you an approval fast and simple.

Boat and Jetski Loan

Kiwis love to have fun! Life on a boat or jetski just gets the adrenaline pumping. We can make that happen for you with a simple, fast loan – no complications! Whether it’s a sailing yacht, motor boat or jetski, we’ll get you revved up. Speak to one of our lending specialists today!

Motorhome Loan

A motorhome just screams fun living! If you’re looking for a motorhome to explore our great land or live simple, then the Lending Room is the right place for you. Our lending specialists will get you the best motorhome loan that fits your needs. Speak to us today!

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